We get calls everyday asking us to take in felines in need. Please know, we empathize with your situation. There is nothing more heartbreaking for us then to hear the stories of innocent cats looking to be helped and find a loving place to land. The Hermitage has finite space and we would be doing a disservice to all the cats if we took more cats in than we could properly give time, attention and the love they deserve.

We are a non-profit and get no funds from city, county or state and are reliant on generous donors. In effect, we are not an open intake shelter - which just means we are not required to take in cats. We do charge an intake fee $330 per cat and $150 per litter of kittens. Many people ask why so little for a litter - the reality is more people are looking to adopt kittens so they are easier for us to place in a loving home. BUT they can also be more costly depending on their health when they are surrendered to us.

If you are wanting to surrender your cat because you can no longer afford to feed your companion, please check out our Food for Peoples Pets Pantry. Or the other resources available.

If you are still interested in surrendering your cat, please fill out the surrender form. Our Intake Coordinator will contact you. It is important for you to be patient - at any given time we have a waiting list.

Please consider talking to your loved ones about our Continuing Cat Care program. It is designed to avoid the pain of trying to find placement for the cat(s) of someone who has passed without a plan for their furry companions care.

If you can't wait, or need some other immediate need met, please contact Pima Animal Care Center. Or the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Please do not just let your cat out into the neighborhood. Yes, there are community cat populations but "house cats" do not usually fair well within those colonies.

We appreciate your generous support!