Clover’s Circle

The Hermitage Legacy Society

What is a legacy society?

Legacy gifts allow you to pass the baton.

A Legacy Society is simply a program established by a community fund, a community foundation or other nonprofit organization that encourages donors to leave them future gifts.

The Hermitage has decided to create an official legacy society in conjunction with our new donor appreciation list in an effort to recognize planned gift donors within their lifetimes.

How do I join Clover's Circle?

Clover’s Circle is open to all supporters who pledge to leave future gifts (planned or deferred gifts such as a will, a life insurance policy, a gift annuity, or a trust) to The Hermitage. There is no minimum gift amount required to join. While membership is automatic, if you have made or intend to make such plans, we hope you will give us the opportunity to publicly recognize you so that your gift can inspire others. We intend to highlight members of Clover’s Circle as part of the Donor Appreciation List in 2023.

Please let us know about your planned gift; The Hermitage would love the opportunity to recognize and appreciate your Hermitage legacy during your lifetime.

*If you would NOT like to be publicly recognized, please let us know this too.

Who was Clover?

Clover was a cat who exemplified the mission of The Hermitage. She was dumped on our property back in 2000 with her kittens. Clover and one of her kittens, Regal, were FeLV+ and resided in our FeLV room for most of their lives. The mother and son duo were considered a bonded pair and could often be found snuggling or cleaning each other.

As Clover aged, she suffered from renal disease and hyperthyroidism. Despite her ailments and defying the odds, Clover lived to be 19 years old, the oldest cat in the shelter at the time. Although we were saddened that she was never adopted, we are grateful that we were able to provide a home to Clover (and Regal) where they received excellent medical care and tons of love and affection.