Trap, Neuter, Return

Is your neighborhood over-run with feral (wild) cats? How about unwanted and stray pets that were “dumped”? Have you noticed the never-ending cycle of unwanted kittens? If fighting, yowling and spraying behaviors are causing a problem for you, we can help!

TNR, or trap-neuter-return, is a humane, simple and effective approach to managing feral and stray cat populations. Eventually this leads to a decrease in feral and unwanted cats in the area. Sterilization also helps keep the cats calmer, healthier and leads to fewer aggressive and unwanted behaviors like fighting and spraying.

Male cats that are neutered tend to roam less often; female cats that are spayed don’t have litter after litter of kittens. This helps them maintain their own health, as well, making them less likely to be preyed upon by large predators because they are healthy enough to defend themselves.


The cats are caught and transported to a clinic or veterinarian using safe, humane traps.

The cats are neutered/spayed, “ear-tipped” and vaccinated for Rabies and FVRCP.

The cats are returned to the area from which they were trapped, and allowed to continue to live in their colony.

Although originally started around 1980, TNR didn’t get much traction until the early part of the 21st century. In the past ten years, TNR has become a byword for managing community cats, rather than removing “unwanted cats.”

TNR is best utilized for feral (community) cats and unsocialized strays in order to prevent uncontrolled breeding. We know that community cats are not social and cannot be "turned" into house cats. These cats are truly wild and placing them in a shelter or private home causes them a great deal of distress.

Trap, Neuter, Return with Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter


The Hermitage has humane traps available for rent for a $40 deposit per trap, which is fully refundable upon return. Traps may be picked up at The Hermitage during regular business hours – Tuesday thru Saturday 10AM to 5PM

Information on low- or no-cost Spay and Neuter programs in Tucson can be found at the following links:
Humane Society of Southern Arizona
Spay and Neuter Solutions

Other information regarding the trap-neuter-return approach and general information about feral and stray cats is available upon request. We can also offer tips and tricks for effective trapping and even provide a list of things you might need to be a better trapper.

If you are interested in creating a better quality of life for both the people and the homeless cats in your neighborhood, please contact us.

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