Sponsor a Cat

Many of us already have kitties in our home, and therefore can’t adopt more – but we still want to help the hundreds of cats who come to The Hermitage for a second chance at a loving, adoptive home! You can help in so many ways by becoming a Hermitage Sponsor.

The Hermitage has nearly 100 permanent, or long-term residents who may not be adopted, due to a chronic health problem like diabetes or FIV/FeLV, or behavioral issues. Sometimes kitties are with us, for the long term, for no real reason at all.

While these cats will live out their lives at The Hermitage, they are still in need of daily food, litter, love and care, and in many cases, medical attention and daily medication. You can sponsor one of these special cats or any other cat at the shelter and become a VIP (Very Important Purr-son) to a wonderful feline.

You can choose your own special cat to sponsor, or we can choose one for you. Payment can be made annually, bi-annually or monthly. You can mail a check to the shelter, pay with a credit or debit card by clicking this link - Sponsor a Cat - or make arrangements with your bank for automatic monthly payments.


Covers food/litter/vaccines for one (1) healthy cat!

* $420.00 annually


Covers a monthly treatment for one (1) diabetic cat.

* $1,200.00 annually


Covers the cost of microchipping all new intakes for one (1) year.

* $3,600.00 annually


The annual cost spent on Rabies vaccines for the cats in our care.

* $8,400.00 annually

A Few Last Words

In return for your Sponsorship, you will receive periodic updates from your special kitty, as well as news of the goings on of the Shelter. You are also welcome to visit your cat during our regular business hours of 10am to 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Please let us know if it is important to you to sponsor a cat who likes to be handled or if you just want to help a cat in need and we will assist you in choosing a kitty that is right for you. If you want to see your cat in “person” when choosing, remember The Hermitage has dozens of cats who need your help, and we’re positive we can introduce you to the purr-fect cat!

Sponsorships also make wonderful and thoughtful gifts, for birthdays, anniversaries and other special days! Not only will your gift fill your recipient’s heart with love, you’ll be sending love to a rescued kitty at our shelter.

Thank you for supporting Arizona’s oldest and first no-kill, no-cage cat shelter!

We appreciate your generous support!